The Alliance set three broad objectives:

  • Better outcomes for children in care
  • Increased resources to be spent directly on children
  • An increased role for not-for-profit (NFP) service providers

The Alliance released a detailed proposed  policy, which was later summarised into six essential goals.

  1. Greater resources for the provision of services to children in out of home care or that reduce the risk of children entering care.
  2. Not-for-profit organisations to deliver at least 50% of all placement services including leaving care, kinship care etc.
  3. Standardised assessment for all children in care.
  4. Care plans for every child, reviewed in collaboration with the care provider, with case management for children in long term care to be done by the care provider.
  5. Recognition that care is not enough and that we must also treat the trauma every child in care has suffered, through appropriate counselling and other support services.
  6. Objective measures of care to be at "typical Aussie kid" standard.