Sometimes children have to be removed from their home because their home is too dangerous for them. They may have been neglected, even abused.

It's not their fault. But children who have been taken into care overall have:

  • Significantly poorer life outcomes with a greater likelihood of engagement with welfare, justice and mental health systems
  • Lower material quality of life than their peers: fewer and inferior personal possessions, fewer recreational and social opportunities, restricted educational access
  • Social stigma and reduced control over their own lives
  • Inadequate or non-existent treatment for the trauma they have suffered
  • Often, a lack of stability, continuity and security that is essential to emotional development
  • Children in care miss out on the opportunities ordinary Aussie kids enjoy

Neglect, abuse and being removed from their family are traumatic; every child taken into care needs treatment for that trauma, as well as support to help them adjust, recover and catch up on the disruption that has usually occurred in their education and physical and social development.

Without intensive, caring support, how can such a child recover the ability to trust and love?

Unfortunately, resources in out of home care in WA are such that very few children get any treatment. They certainly do not get the intensive educational, development and social support they need to rebuild their lives.

Western Australia is failing its most vulnerable children. It's a human tragedy for which we should all feel some responsibility.

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