Every child in care should have a care plan which sets out how they will be treated, accommodated, educated and generally supported to overcome their trauma and be able to lead a full life.

Care plans should be drawn up by the people who work most closely with the child and should include input from the child and, where appropriate, their family.

Care plans should be updated regularly, based on first hand experience with the child and on ongoing objective assessment.

This is not the reality of what happens in WA, where:

  • Many of our children do not have care plans.
  • Care plans are not regularly updated.
  • Often care plans are drawn up by people who have no regular contact – or no direct contact at all – with the child.
  • Often they do not include any consultation with the child, their family or the people who work with the child on a daily basis.

The Alliance believes this is a critically urgent failing that must be fixed before we can say we are providing even a reasonable minimum standard of care to children in our charge.

Alliance Policy

The Alliance calls for:

  • Care plans to be completed for every child as soon as practical after being taken into care.
  • Care plans to be based on a standardised assessment.
  • Care plans to be developed and regularly reviewed in collaboration with the care provider.
  • Case management, including care plans for children in long term care, to be done by the care provider.
  • Procedures for transfer of case management to be sped up and formalised.
  • Case management work to be funded.