The Alliance has set its new direction for the next three years.




Much has changed in the out of home care sector since the Alliance for Children at Risk was established a decade ago.

The Alliance, representing not-for-profit agencies that provide out of home care services to children in Western Australia, has limited resources and must carefully choose the areas it will focus on for action.

Our new strategic plan sets our direction for the next three years.

We have defined our primary objectives this way:
1.    Young people in out of home care live a life that meets the ‘Typical Child’ standard.

2.    To promote the interests of member agencies funded to deliver out of home care and family support services.

To support these objectives, we have set these strategic focus areas to pursue between now and 2017:

➢    Develop a practice framework for Out of Home Care.

➢    Collaborate with SNAICC on a strategy to reduce the rate of Aboriginal children coming into care in Western Australia.

➢    Achieve transfer of case management to the agency providing the care.

➢    Achieve an increase to 50% of Out of Home Care places (including kinship care) provided by non-government organisations in five years.

We have also committed to continuing our series of annual information sharing events. Watch out for our e-newsletter announcing our 2014 event, coming soon.


You can download this infographic.

If you would like to contribute to our work on any of the strategic focus issues, please get in touch.

Here is our one page  Strategic Plan 2014-2017 (103 kb)